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2020 CBP Rulings and Revocations Summary

In 2020, CBP published several thousand prospective rulings in the CROSS database. The 2020 CBP Rulings and Revocations summary covers the significant rulings and decisions reviewed by ITT in 2020 to help importers classify shipments appropriately and understand the regulator's position on areas such as Section 301 tariffs from China, the substantial transformation standard as it relates to the trade remedies, the application of Section 321 to unsold merchandise and the ability to store backup customs broker records on cloud servers outside the United States.

Industries and Geographies Covered 

Import compliance professionals working in the following areas will find particular value in the 2020 CBP Rulings and Revocations Summary. 

Geographies Affected 


Products/Industries Addressed 

Aluminum, Foil and Printed Foils Fish Oil Neckties
Baby Products Foil Print Fabric Network Access Points and Wireless Network Expanders
Blankets and Comforters Food, including Toppings, Instant Noodle Soup and Drink Mixes Notepads, Portfolios and Pens
Blood Pressure Monitors Footwear Pool Loungers
Bolt Cutters Framed Mirrors Pumps
Books and Paper Products Golf Range Extenders
Candy GPS Trackers Resins
Coffee, Tea and Creamer Hand Sanitizer and Pump Dispensers Smart Plugs
Coolers, Lunch Boxes and Insulated Bags Hangers Solar Chargers
Digital Cameras Headlights and Tail lights Vehicle Lifts
Electric Bicycles Leather Wireless Speakers
Face Masks Lighted Metal Trees Walking Poles
Fabrics and Covers Mobile Phone Accessories Water Pipes


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