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Pharmaceuticals Tariff Classification Guide

Based on CBP’s recent presentation to the industry, International Trade Today’s Pharmaceuticals Tariff Classification Guide details the classification of pharmaceuticals and other compounds recognized as drugs in Chapters 29 and 30 of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule. This white paper also includes links to relevant CBP rulings, informed compliance documents and court cases, as well as the CBP’s preferred procedure for obtaining a ruling on a pharmaceutical compound from its binding rulings program.

Presented in detail by Harmonized Tariff Schedule chapter, the Pharmaceuticals Tariff Classification Guide provides clarification for manufacturers, importers and customs brokers working with the following products:

First aid kits
Glands and other human or animal substances
Heterocyclic compounds (including aromatic pesticides and drugs)
Hormones such as insulin or ephedrine
Human and animal blood
Medicated dressings (gauze, bandages, etc.)
Pain relievers
Pharmaceuticals in pure, bulk mixed, and dosage form
Vaccines and micro-organism cultures for use in humans and animals


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