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Special Report on Robocall Scourge

Robocalls and texts currently represent the FCC's largest source of complaints, with an estimated 4.4 billion calls generating 161,000 complaints in 2021 alone. In this special investigative report, Communications Daily's editors review the current sources and scale of the robocall scourge, examine legislative and judicial actions attempting to address the issue at the federal and state levels, and look to other countries' efforts for potential solutions. 

Specific areas addressed in this report include:

Spoofing's prevalence as the main cause of consumer complaints at the FTC and FCC
A summary of current state and federal legislative robocall response
The scale and impact of political robocalls and robotexts
The impact of Facebook v. Duguid's automatic telephone dialing system definition
An examination of the EU and UK's efforts to address the issue

With consumer and regulator robocall frustration at all time highs, this report provides an authoritative overview of the issue as well as potential guidelines for resolution.

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